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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something's Brewin'

The top story on from Tom Verducci asks the question........Is Milwaukee For Real? I sure would like to think so, but read about it here.

There's a little parlor game sweeping baseball, particularly now that Milwaukee, now playing the varsity portion of its schedule, has dropped three of its past four games after a 24-10 start. The game is to guess, Are the Brewers for real? Most teams that play .700 baseball for the first 34 games, as Milwaukee did, would be exempt from such talk, but we're talking about a franchise that clinched its last winning season with Robin Yount and Paul Molitor in the lineup, which hasn't played a playoff game in a quarter of a century, which hasn't put together back-to-back winning months in six years, features barley in its logo and a pack of running sausages that may be the most nationally recognizable players on the team.

In other words, it's been hard to take the Brewers seriously -- until now. Let the parlor game end. Milwaukee is for real. It may be the fourth best team in the National League, but it's good enough to win the 85 games it might take to win the Central. At the very least, Milwaukee will be showing a whole generation of young fans what a pennant race looks like. How can I be sure? A handful of reasons:

Read about them here:

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