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Friday, May 30, 2008

Favre locker to be retired, too

The Green Bay Packers won't be keeping Brett Favre's locker as a shrine to their legendary quarterback. In fact, they're not keeping it at all.

One day after the future of Favre's former dressing space became a matter of national debate, Packers general manager Ted Thompson said the club will take the locker out following the mandatory minicamp in June and give it to Favre as a gift.

A new cherry wood replacement locker will then be installed at the entrance of the locker room in time for training camp at the end of July.

"Obviously I didn't realize it was going to get this kind of attention," Thompson said from his office Thursday afternoon. "We talked to Brett and (his wife) Deanna several weeks ago, and we thought that anybody who played 16 years here as well as he did might want his own locker. I think it makes it a little easier, quite frankly, for the next guy to go into there."

Thompson said the team never planned on encasing the locker in glass and keeping it in the locker room. He said he came up with the gift idea while talking with coach Mike McCarthy shortly after Favre's decision to retire in early March.

"I was just sitting here with Mike and said, 'You know what we ought to do ... ' I mean, you can't really put anybody in his locker," Thompson said.

Asked why he or McCarthy, who was asked specifically about Favre's locker at the NFL meetings in late March and at the rookie orientation camp in early May, didn't make the plans known sooner, Thompson replied, "There was no deep dark secret. I probably messed the timing up. I'm sorry if I caused any angst for anyone.

"Obviously the story sort of got the better of us and took on a life of its own."

That it did. Even though the topic previously had been broached locally, the national media seized upon it earlier this week, with ESPN devoting time to the issue on its various platforms.'s Page 2 even created an interactive build-a-shrine where you could click-and-drag various items into a file photo of Favre 's locker.

"I think it's been totally blown out of proportion," McCarthy said after practice Thursday. "It's been discussed with Brett, and we can talk about it at a later date, but its really a construction concern (that) is the reason why the locker hasn't been taken out of there. So there's nothing more to it."

McCarthy said Thompson told the board of directors about the plans Wednesday and received a standing ovation. It's up to Favre what he wants to do with the locker after the team removes it, since it could make for an extremely popular exhibit at the Packers Hall of Fame should Favre not want it in his rec room.

When the media was allowed into the locker room after Thursday's organized team activity practice, the "FAVRE" nameplate had been replaced with a generic "PACKERS."

"We're doing that just because you guys seem to have so much angst about it," Thompson said. "It's still Brett Favre's locker in there, but we switched the nameplate."

As for new starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the laid-back Californian took all the hullabaloo in stride.

"I have a lot of things to worry about besides whether they keep the locker or not," Rodgers said. "I mean, it's not even on my mind. I got to try to figure out a way to lead this team on my mind -- workouts, OTAs -- so I'm not worried about that at all."

Article from Jason Wilde Wisconsin State Journal


I hope this is the end of the Brett Favre Circus.........for now!!!!

Several Packers Already Nursing Injuries

It was recently reported that KGB just had his knee scoped. He'll be out for a few weeks, but expected back in time for Training Camp.

Last year's 1st Round pick, Justin Harrell had surgery on his back to fix a problem with a disc that happened while lifting weights. Harrell seems to be injured quite often, sitting out most of last year while still recovering from his torn triceps muscle from his Senior year at Tennessee.

Defensive Tackle, Daniel Muir injured his pectoral muscle and is being withheld from practices. Another DT,Johnny Jolly is limited with an injured shoulder, as is Colin Cole with an injured forearm. After trading Corey Williams, the D-Line is looking a bit thin right now with several vets nursing injuries. This gives some younger guys a chance to compete and they can play at this level.

"We're just being cautious with those guys," McCarthy said at the time. "Because with the 13 linemen that we have, we anticipate that being the number that we will probably take going into training camp. We just want to make sure those guys are healthy for the training camp work."

The defense saw the return of third-year linebacker Abdul Hodge for the first time in nearly a year.

He has battled patellar tendinitis in both knees in his more than two years with the Packers. The tendinitis was so bad in training camp last season that Hodge felt sharp pain that affected his change of direction, explosiveness and his overall playmaking abilities.

The Packers put him on injured reserve rather than releasing him. It was a major disappointment for Hodge, who showed flashes of potential in his one season (2006) with 12 tackles and one fumble recovery in eight games.

Now he has a chance to resurrect his career.

Photo Credit: AP

Packers Mount Rushmore!?!?!?!

An interesting questions comes to mind regarding the Green Bay Packers. Who would you put on a Mount Rushmore for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are one of most storied franchises in all of football. From generation to generation the Green Bay Packers have produced legends in the sport of football. They have 26 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Super Bowl trophy is named after our beloved coach, The Lombardi Trophy. One of the original teams of the NFL founded in 1919, winners of 12 Championships,

So who would you put on the Packers Mount Rushmore??? Only being able to chose 4 people was a challenge in itself, but here's my thoughts:

1. Vince Lombardi - The SB Trophy, Historical Coach winning 5 World Titles
2. Bart Starr - Before Favre came along, Starr was the greatest QB in GB history and the face of the franchise
3. Brett Favre - He's Brett Freaking Favre, do I need to say more
4. Don Hutson - Called the Greatest All-Around player in NFL History

Now I left out several names, and when it came to the #4 person I was torn. I felt the need to put Curly Lambeau on there considering he founded the Packers and without Curly there is no Green Bay Packers. My heart told me I needed to put Starr & Favre as locks. Lombardi of course needed to go up, and Don Hutson is a forgotten soul who is considered the Greatest NFL Player in history. It absolutely killed me to have to leave out the founder Curly Lambeau's name on this glorious monument. If it were 5 faces, he would be on there in a heart beat.

Reggie White, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, Bob Harlan are all names that could have gone in that #4 slot. The real need here is for a #5 position on Mount Rushmore. Then Curly Lambeau could go right next to Lombardi and have a good representation of 3 players and 2 Front Office/Coaches.

As you can see this debate could go on and on. Each person having their own 4 people to put a top the Packers Mount Rushmore.....your thoughts???

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Commissioner Stern says Bradley Center OK, For Now.....

NBA commissioner David Stern said Thursday that the Bradley Center will suffice for now as the home of the Milwaukee Bucks, but the community will have to consider a new arena some day. The building is one of the oldest NBA arenas in use.

"Everybody agrees that this is not the revenue producing arena of the future that will enable the Bucks to compete in the future NBA. But based on good faith on both sides and the attempt to deal with the problem on an ad hoc basis, they seem to be doing OK. The crunch hasn't quite hit yet. But everybody knows this is a building that will ultimately need to be replaced."

"I think down the road given the shape of the bowl and constriction of the site . . . that eventually the citizens of Milwaukee will be facing the issue of a replacement for the Bradley Center," Stern said. "But why rush it? It's a good dialogue to have, a good discussion to have. The negotiations between the Bucks and the Bradley Center will have to reflect on the need to squeeze additional dollars out of this facility. But the Bucks are well managed, and for a period of time, this arena will do. And the planning process will obviously have to begin."

The Bucks have a lease through Sept. 30. Both the Bucks and members of the Bradley Center board have had preliminary discussions on a new lease.

Stern did not offer a specific proposal for how Milwaukee might consider a new arena, or the more controversial question of how to pay for it. Stern admitted as much in his opinion piece, acknowledging that taxpayers do not want new taxes to pay for arenas.

"Every city has its own needs and desires and abilities," Stern said. "You know, I'm not as imaginative as some of the financial wizards are. . . . I don't want to impose my view upon an issue that is not yet a problem."

Friday, May 23, 2008

Former Packer Schroeder Signs With Pack, Then Retires

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Bill Schroeder signed a one-day contract with the team Thursday and then promptly retired.

Schroeder, a Sheboygan native and graduate of UW-La Crosse, played five of his eight seasons with the Packers. He caught 225 passes for 3,435 yards and 20 touchdowns in 74 games from 1997-2001.

"It was a great privilege to have played for the Packers for the majority of my NFL career," Schroeder said in a statement. "I am honored that the Green Bay Packers have allowed me to end my playing days as a member of one of the greatest franchises in professional sports. I look forward to my continued relationship with the team and helping them and the community in any way possible."

Schroeder also played two seasons with the Detroit Lions before playing his final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

McNeal to return to Marquette for Senior Season

Jerel McNeal will withdraw his name from the National Basketball Association draft pool today, less than a month after declaring himself eligible.

Having failed to land an initial invitation to next week's NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando - McNeal was instead named an alternate - McNeal will instead return to Marquette University for his senior season, a move made possible by his decision to not hire an agent when he initially declared himself eligible on April 25.

"I felt after yesterday and thinking about things and weighing all the options, it was the best decision," said McNeal. "I've still got things here I want to accomplish and goals to work toward. Getting better on the court and off the court, in the classroom, and winning championships with my teammates."

Photo From Kevork Djansezian AP

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA Lottery = Bucks #8, Division Rival Bulls Take Top Spot

Last night the NBA held its annual NBA Draft Lottery. The 14 teams to not make the playoffs compete to see who gets the top pick. The worse the teams record is, the more ping pong balls go into the wheel. The teams are then picked at random and the chips falls where they may.

This year, the Milwaukee Bucks had a 4.3% chance of securing the No. 1 spot. They fell one position and will pick eighth in the draft. Last year, the Bucks dropped three positions and drafted sixth.

"I guess we're disappointed to a certain extent but it could be worse," said general manager John Hammond, who represented the Bucks on the stage during the televised portion of the program. "Slipping one slot, you know . . . we'd have loved to have had seven but we feel OK about having eight, that's for sure.

Central Division rival, Chicago Bulls won the overall #1 pick with only a 1.7% chance of getting the top pick. The big dilemma now is who will be the top pick. Many people feel Kansas State PF Michael Beasley will be the pick, while others feel Memphis PG Derick Rose could be the pick.

Many mock drafts show the Bucks taking Indiana SG Eric Gordon. Badger fans are pretty familiar with him, who had a sensational Freshman season, but cooled off down the stretch. All that is known is the Bucks do not need another PF or C, already having last year's pick Yi, Charlie-V, and Bogut solidified in that position. Look for the Bucks to go after the Guard position after getting spotty at best play out of Mo Williams and Michael Redd last year.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brewers swept in Boston, Fall to Last Place in NL Central; Braun Opens Up on his Team

The Brewers took on the defending World Series Champs over the weekend and boy was it ugly. The Red Sox sure made the Brewers look YEARS away from contending. The Brewers have lost five in a row and 12 of 17 this month, falling into last place in the NL Central, after being swept by the Red Sox.

Brewer Left Fielder and recent signee of a multi-year deal with the Crew had this to say about the disappointing way the Brewers have played:

"I almost felt like this series, we didn't expect to win," Braun said after the 11-7 defeat. "We were competing; I know everybody tried hard. But it's not about trying hard. You've got to expect to win. I almost feel like we never really expected to win any of these games. I just kind of had that feeling.

"It's just a feeling. Every time we were winning, I just didn't feel we expected to win. It was like we were just content to be there and compete. I don't think we necessarily expected to win.

"Obviously, they're a great team. It's a good gauge of where we're at when we can go out and compete with those guys. For us, as a team, our goal can't be to compete. Our goal has to be to win.

"Obviously, to come in here and win the series would have been extremely difficult but it's a real disappointment to come in here and get swept.

"A team like (Boston), they come out every day and expect to win. You can just sense it. I feel like we're there at times but we need to come with that approach every day. No matter who we're playing against, no matter who's throwing against us, and expect to win. Part of that comes with success, comes with beating good teams and good pitchers. We're too talented to approach the game any other way.

"We've got to figure it out and figure it out in a hurry. We're better than that. We're certainly talented enough to win games. But a lot of it, our approach mentally, sometimes has to improve.

"We've got to go to Pittsburgh and try to find a way to win the series and go to Washington and find a way to win that series. We can't play like this for very long, as deep and talented as our division is. We're six weeks into it now.

The Brewers head to Pittsburgh for a 3-game series on Tuesday, followed by a 4-game series in Washington. Both are perfected teams for the Brew Crew to bounce back and get back in the win column. The Pirates, no matter their record, have always given the Brewers problems. The Washington Nationals are one of the worst teams in baseball. We need this underachieving Brewers team to bounce back in a big way, before it gets too late. GO BREWERS!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brewers Lock Up LF Ryan Braun to 8-Year Deal

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The Milwaukee Brewers signed Rookie of the Year Ryan Braun to an eight-year, $45 million contract.

The contract includes this season and a seven-year extension, meaning Braun will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2015 season, general manager Doug Melvin announced Thursday.

The deal exceeds the six-year, $31 million contract signed by Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, who fell short in the rookie balloting.

Braun hit .324 with 34 homers and 97 RBIs last season after a May 26 callup. He has hit nine homers and driven in 29 runs so far this season, batting .287.

Stroy from AP

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

St. Louis Rams To Hold Training Camp in Mequon, WI

The St. Louis Rams have chosen Concordia University in Mequon as their new home for NFL Training Camp. In addition to Concordia, the Rams had considered UW-Oshkosh, UW-Whitewater, Western Illinois in Macomb, Ill., and the Bishop O'Connor Center near Madison.

Concordia emerged as the front-runner largely because of the abundance of practice facilities on the Concordia campus and a new residence hall to house players, staff and coaches. The Rams also have a scrimmage scheduled this summer in Tennessee against the Titans and wanted access to a major airport.

Coach Scott Linehan also indicated last week that he was in favor of holding camp at Concordia.

The Rams are expected to report to camp beginning July 24

The decision means that three professional football teams will stage their summer camps in Wisconsin. Besides the Green Bay Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs spend their summers at UW-River Falls.

It's great for the state of Wisconsin and fans of the NFL. Being able to drive just down the road and watch the Rams will be very exciting for the metro Milwaukee community.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Day Removed From Closing Duties, Gagné Says He's Ready to Close Again

Just one day removed from his closing duties, former Brewers closer Eric Gagné says he's ready to start closing games for the Milwaukee Brewers.

"I know I belong in the ninth inning," Gagné said Monday afternoon.

Gagné was summoned into a game before the eighth inning for the first time since April 2, 2002. Entering in the seventh with the Brewers leading St. Louis, 8-1, Gagné allowed two hits, two walks and a run in two innings of work.

"I had my mental break (Sunday). I'm good to go now," he said. "I know I'm a great closer. I know I'm going to do all right. I've just got to work out of it. It's just a confidence thing. The only way you'll be all right is keep going out there in a closing situation."

Gagné admitted a loss of confidence, which was only natural, considering the pounding he has taken this season. Though he ranks among the league leaders with nine saves, Gagné is 1-2 with a 6.62 earned run average, with 20 hits, 13 walks and 13 runs allowed in 17 2/3 innings.

Gagné has a burdensome 1.87 WHIP (walks and hits per inning). He has not pitched a clean inning in 10 outings.

The 32-year-old right-hander spent time in the outfield during batting practice, chatting with St. Louis' Jason Isringhausen, who also was removed as his club's closer over the weekend and was used in the eighth inning of the Cardinals' 8-3 defeat.

"It always helps to talk to closers," Gagné said. "We're the only people that really know how we feel. We're a little different."

Gagné said he also benefited from the arrival of wife Valerie, whom he had not seen since spring training.

"She told me it's stupid to doubt myself," he said. "I also talked to my friends and family. I was frustrated. It was good to take a step back.

"As a closer, you feel like you let the team down (when you fail). That's part of it. It's hard to go home and feel good about yourself when you do that. The next time I go out there, am I going to succeed? I don't know. But I expect to succeed."

Gagné said he thought his stuff was still sufficient to close games. And he made it clear that he wasn't saying Saturday, after surrendering the losing runs in the ninth, that he didn't want to close. He meant that he didn't deserve it because of his repeated failures.

As for getting his confidence back, Gagné said, "If you do good, you don't worry about it. That's exactly what I need to go back to. I need to go back to the way I was before: no doubt, no negative thinking, just go out and do my job.

"I know I'm ready. I just want to keep going back out there. There's a lot of frustration I went through this year and last year. But I'm going to go out there, save situation or not."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gagné Announces No Longer Fit for Closer Duties

Gagné announced that he was no longer fit to have the closer's job, he was relieved of the duty indefinitely for a closer-by-committee philosophy. Gagné took it upon himself to unofficially demote himself by saying he no longer deserved to be the closer and that negative thinking was hurting his performance. His stats on the year: 15 2/3 innings, 18 hits, 11 walks, 6.89 earned run average, 1.84 WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched), five blown saves - Gagné called his recent performances "embarrassing."

So Sunday's game the Brewers sent in Salomon Torres and Brian Shouse, to close out a 5-3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Miller Park.

So far, so good. The Brewers have been getting good results lately from its bullpen. Pitchers such as David Riske, Salomon Torres, Brian Shouse, and Guillermo Mota have pitched solid and each one could be inserted as the Brewers closer. Even Dave Bush could be used as the closer, who was sent to the minors, but recently called back up after Yovani Gallardo injury. Bush was a closer in college at Wake Forest. The team was 73-0 when Bush came in as the closer. Not too bad. Discussions have been made to insert Seth McClung into the starting rotation and put Bush in the bullpen.

Derrick Turnbow was recently sent down to the minors and Gagné is no longer the answer for now, the Brewers will have to insert a different guy depending on the situation, and use the closer-by-committee approach.

Packers Release Koren Robinson

The Green Bay Packers released WR Koren Robinson late last week. In a move that was destined to happen, the Pack surprised a few by doing so this early. Green Bay used its first pick in the 2008 NFL draft on WR Jordy Nelson from Kansas State. Nelson figured to be the 4th or 5th WR for the Pack this year and brings his tenacious playing ability and excellent hands to an already deep receiving corps. Green Bay also drafted another WR, Brett Swain in the 7th round this year. He looks to be a practice squad guy.

The two guys who's jobs were in jeopardy with the Packers were Ruvell Martin & Koren Robinson. It was even thought Robinson had an edge due to his special teams ability, but his time has run out. The former 1st round pick (9th overall in 2001) of the Seattle Seahawks has had his fair share of problems off the field, but had looked to keep clean with his time in Green Bay. He also had chronic knee problems which has troubled him late in his career.

The Packers tried to trade Robinson but found no takers, so rather than go to camp with K-Rob, the Packers did the right thing and released Robinson giving him a chance to sign with another team and get to know their offense rather than scramble to find a team at the start of the regular season. A few teams have shown interest in Robinson, but as of today remains unsigned.

4 state teams in NCAA Div III Tournament Field

Led by the UW-Stevens Point, four state teams have qualified for the 54-team NCAA Division III baseball tournament.

The field was announced this morning and regional play is scheduled to being Wednesday at eight sites. All regionals use a double-elimination format.

The Pointers (28-14), who won the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tournament title Saturday in Wisconsin Rapids, are seeded second in the six-team Central Regional, which will be held in Moline, Ill.

They are to face fifth-seeded Linfield College of Oregon (30-10) likely at 1:15 p.m. in the opening round.

Illinois Wesleyan (33-9), which won the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin regular-season and tournament titles, is seeded No. 1 in the regional.

UW-Whitewater (35-8), UW-Oshkosh (29-9) and Carthage College (35-8) received at-large berths and were placed in the six-team Midwest Regional, to be held at E.J. Schneider Field in Oshkosh.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Packers Rookie Camp Kicked Off over the weekend

Here's the official list of 19 players trying out for the Packers:

CB Kyle Ward (Louisiana-Lafayette)
CB Condrew Allen (Portland State)
RB Justin Beaver (UW-Whitewater)
S Matthew Harper (Oregon)
RB Lance Ball (Maryland)
CB Michael Medina (Wyoming)
S Brandent Englemon (Michigan)
FB Louie Runnels (Stephen F. Austin)
CB Tierre Green (Nebraska)
LB Durell Mapp (North Carolina)
S Marlon Fair (Hampton '07)
LB Josh Ferguson (Purdue)
C Adam Hill (Louisiana-Monroe)
DT Tui Alailefaleula (Washington '06)
T Ryan Considine (Louisiana Tech)
DT Fred Bledsoe (Arkansas)
DT Ola Dagunduro (Nebraska '07)
DT Chris Walker (Western Kentucky)
DE Marque Fountain (Oklahoma State)

If the Packers want to, they have room to sign four tryout players to contracts. Whether they'll offer contracts to any or a couple of players is up in the air.

How it works is this: The roster limit is 80 players. They currently have 86 players on the team, but ten of them don't count until they sign contracts. That includes the nine draft choices and running back Ryan Grant who is currently unsigned.

So the Packers have a little bit of wiggle room until the rookies start signing, but they're going to have to start cutting players to make space for the rookies anyway.

The best guess is that they might sign a tryout player or two. Whitewater running back Justin Beaver might be a good bet if he can provide value as a third down back and return specialist.

Michigan safety Brandon Englemon also helped his chances during the orientation camp too. According to Tom Pelissero of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, "Practice ended on the defensive play of the day: an interception by tryout S Brandent Englemon (Michigan), who broke underneath WR Taj Smith (Syracuse) on a deep post and picked off Flynn."

Gagne Blows Another Save, Brewers lose in 12 Innings

Gagné blew his major league-high 5th save Sunday by surrendering 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th in a game the Brewers eventually lost to the Houston Astros, 8-6, on Hunter Pence's 2-run homer with 1 out in the 12th inning.

Gagné allowed two hits - one on the infield that was close to being an out - and three walks. The killer was a two-out, bases-loaded walk to Lance Berkman that tied the score. A BASES-LOADED WALK BY YOUR CLOSER!!!!!! WITH 2 OUTS!!!!!

The veteran closer, who was given a $10 million free-agent deal over the winter, got no borderline calls from home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi but admitted afterward that he never should have been in that position.

"You've got to put yourself in position not to depend on anybody," said Gagné, who ranks among the league leaders with nine saves but also has a 6.14 earned run average to go with the five blown saves, also a league leader.

"I made some good pitches, made some bad pitches. I put myself in a situation I shouldn't have been. We played a really good game and I came in and messed it up."

I'm telling you now, nobody in the state of WI is feeling sorry for you Gagné. You did mess it up and it's not the first time either.

What bothers me about the Gagné situation is this: Last year everyone was accepting of the Brewers late season collapse, saying it wasn't their year and that the team was built for next year. Enter next year.....Gagné is considered a Brewer killer who is in the same class as Cubs catcher Sotto or the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team. The point is everyone's reaction to Gagné troubles is that it's a 1-year experiment and he will be gone next year regardless. Brewers Manager continues to feel the need to tell the media and the fans how great Gagné pitched and how it was 1 bad throw for his entire outing. Wake up Ned, that's baseball. 1 bad pitch makes a HUGE difference. 1 catch by Alou and the Cubs are in the World Series. 1 routine ground ball and the Red Sox beat the Mets and nobody knows who Bill Buckner even is. 1 bad pitch goes a long way.

HE SHOULD BE GONE TOMORROW!!! HECK EVEN TODAY. He's a shell of his former self and the lack of "juice" is destroying his game. The Brewers need a WIN NOW attitude and not another "We'll get 'em next year. Next year is our year." Pull the plug and stick a fork in him folks, Eric Gagné is done!!!