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Thursday, May 3, 2007


Top stories in baseball: Bonds hits 743, Piazza is injured, and the Yanks fire their trainer!!!! A trainer being fired is a bigger story than the Brewers the best in the majors. They just completed a sweep of the Cards, the defending World Series Champs, and the story is the 15 story on Sportscenter.

Meanwhile, the Brewers are playing amazing baseball. Yost is using his bench to its fullest extent, Hall is starting slow, Sheets is struggling and yet they keep winning. So why no respect??? The Brewers are even 5th in the power rankings, up from 8th and they hold the best record in the Majors. NO RESPECT PERIOD!!!!!

Well, we here in WI love 'em and come September / October everyone will have to start pay attention. Keep up the great work, keep flying under the radar. Everyone will start talking soon and we've known since opening day that this team was special this year. Can you feel the excitement.

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Cory said...

Couldn't agree more Matt. If I turn on ESPN or click onto one more website and see the Yanks on the cover, I am going to puke. Same headline over and over, "Yankees Slumping", "Yankees Going To Turn it Around?" OMG. No need to talk about how clutch players such as JJ Hardy have been playing. "Who is JJ Hardy?"
But, I love that the Brew Crew is getting over looked. Let the media follow the pinstripes. Us Wisconsinites know what we got and it has been along time comin. 25th year anniversary. It's the perfect year to get the medias cameras pointed at MLB's smallest city.