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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Position Switch Can Succeed With Players Like Hall

For a player to change positions from college to professional football, he has to possess certain qualities. He must have a natural feel for the game of football, an understanding of X's and O's that goes beyond that of a specific position, and a love for the game that makes him desire to be on the field, no matter where he lines up.

In short, he has to call himself a football player first, rather than a running back or cornerback or tackle. The Green Bay Packers believe that's what Korey Hall is and those are the attributes he has, so they're going to see if they can convert the Boise State linebacker to fullback. But the above description often applies to special teams standouts as well, so Hall will be given every opportunity to make his mark that way too.

"It's clearly a projection," Head Coach Mike McCarthy said of the role forecast for Hall, a sixth-round draft choice. "A lot of it has to do with his mental makeup."

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