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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bucks would take Oden with top pick

Larry Harris is hoping to pull off some magic. The Milwaukee Bucks currently sit #3 for odds to win the draft lottery with just over a 15% chance of getting the top pick. Tonight at 7:00 the Bucks fate will be determined.

A story on today talks about Milwaukee wanting Oden if it lands the top pick:

Milwaukee Bucks general manager Larry Harris is shamelessly superstitious when it comes to the NBA draft lottery. But Harris doesn't think he's jinxing his chances in Tuesday night's drawing by hinting that he'd take Ohio State center Greg Oden with the top pick.

While Harris lauds Texas forward Kevin Durant as a player who can score "20 in his sleep," he says Oden's combination of defense and rebounding would be an ideal upgrade for a team that was awful at both last season.
"One player solves a lot of problems for us defensively," Harris said. "I mean, we were 29th in defense, 30th in rebounding, 30th in shot blocking -- one guy solves a lot of those issues, and defense wins game."

Milwaukee finished last season with the third-worst record in the NBA, giving them the third-best chance of landing the top pick in the lottery drawing Tuesday night. The Bucks are assured a top-six pick.

Harris, of course, would be thrilled to land Durant as well. He just thinks Oden might be a better fit for the Bucks.

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