Visit to McCarthy's Hometown...........Kenny Mayne

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Can anyone explain Ted Thompson to me??? The guy wants to build through the draft and he's obviously showing us that's how he does it. But to rely on the Draft alone when you have Favre still wanting another shot at a SuperBowl........doesn't make sense to me.

TT has stated he's looking for 2 playmakers on Offense. I'm not sure if we can find those guys in the draft. As big of a fan of the Packers that I am, I'm certainly hoping he can. "In Ted We Trust". Still makes me nervous.

All that money to spend and not replacing Ahman Green raises a big Red Flag to me. When Favre leaves, whenever that may be, I just hope we're not in for the days of TJ Rubley or Anthony Dilwig.

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