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Friday, April 6, 2007

Barnett still looking for that contract extension

Cullen Jenkins got it, Al Harris got it, Nick Barnett.............still waiting. Barnett is due for a new contract, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said in regards to the situation:

"Linebacker Nick Barnett has been a regular at the Packers' off-season conditioning program, choosing to take a different route than cornerback Mike McKenzie and receiver Javon Walker did when money became an issue with the Packers. He figures not preparing for the upcoming season will hurt him regardless if he has a new contract when the season begins."-- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

While I hope Ted Thompson steps up and pays the man, he's no dummy and it's holding his breath about it. Smart guy, I think Thompson lost his pin number for the cash or something.

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Mike said...

He's not as good as A.J., but he does like Samarai Swords.