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Friday, April 20, 2007

Packers talking about moving up in draft

The Packers have been talking about moving up in this year's NFL draft. The teams they would be looking at would be Cardinals and Redskins. While the Cardinals have proclaimed they are looking to bolster their O-Line with UW's own Joe Thomas, the Redskins seem like the ideal team to work with. The Redskins only have 4 picks in this year's draft. After their pick at #6, the Redskins don't go again until #143 in the 5th round.

The Packers are seriously looking at moving up to grab Oklahoma RB, Adrian Pederson. The rumblings are that Marshawn Lynch is falling on the Pack's draft board. Green Bay could put a package together and get Pederson and still have picks left in the draft. The Packers have a pick in every round and 3 in the 7th.

Although Thompson loves his draft, it doesn't seem so far fetched. An article today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Tom Silverstein, talked about Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson's draft strategies. Ironically it notes "Wolf did trade up three times in the first round during his tenure: in 1993, giving up two second-round picks for the 29th pick, which he used to select safety George Teague; in '94, giving up a first and a third for Miami's pick at No. 16, which he used to select offensive guard Aaron Taylor; and in '98, giving up a first and a second for Miami's pick at No. 19, which he used to select defensive end Vonnie Holliday." The interesting story was how in 2000 Wolf tried desperately to move up and get Brian Urlacher. That fell through and the Pack landed Bubba Franks. Lets also not forget that Wolf gave up a 1st Round pick for the next year's draft to trade for a unkown backup........Mr. Brett "Fireball" Favre.
Hopefully TT has something up his sleeve to snag Pederson, the top RB in the draft, and a desperate need for Green Bay.

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