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Thursday, April 12, 2007

MOCK DRAFT TIME.........NBA style

So with the buzz of the NFL draft coming up in a few weeks, the 2007 NBA draft is being overlooked. While the Bucks are technically in the Durant/Oden race, they current sit #3 in ping pong standings, the real question is where will Alando Tucker end up. I breezed through a few NBA mock drafts and found Tucker's name toward the end of the first round. 3 different sites had him at #27 going to the Utah Jazz, but has Tucker going around the same spot #28 to the San Antonio Spurs.

Check it out here:

What a great fit Tucker could be for the Spurs. Most of the national media has pegged Tucker as being a decent player at the next level and possibly a great "role player", he is not projected to be the next Lebron James or Dwayne Wade.

Interesting that all 4 sites I checked out have the Bucks picking at #3 split 50-50 on Brandon Wright, PF from UNC, another under shadowed Freshman sensation and Julian Wright, SF from Kansas. I'm sure there will be more to come on the NBA draft as it gets a little closer and the ping pong balls fall into place. Lets hope the Bucks can land a 1 or 2.

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