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Friday, April 27, 2007

Trades already affecting Packers #16 Pick

The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos have swapped 1st Rd picks this year. Houston traded the #10 pick to Denver for it's 1st Rd #21 and their 2nd Rd pick #56. What does this mean to the Packers, well Denver has stated that it will use the #10 pick to draft Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis. Willis was rumored to be going to the Buffalo Bills at #12, but now with Willis out of the picture the Bills might take the next guy on their board, Cal RB Marshawn Lynch.
Lynch is picked in 9 out of 10 mock drafts for several months now as going to the Packers. This simple trade that seemingly has little effect on the Packers, suddenly has created a domino effect and possibly changed plans for the Packers and their fans. The NFL Draft is 1 day away and I'm sure their will be lots more drama to come.

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