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Friday, January 11, 2008

Seahawks D

All week the talk has been about how great the Seahawks Defense is. While they might be a solid bunch, lets not forget who they have played:

Week 11: Bears, Rex Grossman (do I need to say anymore)

Week 12: Rams, Gus Frerotte (backup)

Week 13: Eagles, AJ Feeley (backup)

Week 15: Panthers, Matt Moore (3rd string)

Week 16: Ravens, Troy Smith (3rd string)

Week 17: Atlanta, Chris Redman (backup)

Wild Card: Redskins, Todd Collins (backup)

See a trend??? The all powerful Seattle Defense might be fast, but they are undersized and going up against Brett Favre....need I say more!!! GO PACK!!!

Photo Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1 comment:

Dominic said...

Dink and Dunk works for me...

Pack YAC attack all the way!

Packers 27
Seahawks 17