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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mike Bush's SWOT Analysis on Packers vs Giants

Strengths - relatively balanced team. Can run and throw effectively. Manning has been playing well, Coughlin has them performing with minimal mistakes (9-1 road record). Defensive front four among the best in the league.
Weaknesses - Injuries on offense (Shockey), injuries on defense (CB's, Ross). Historically, bad record at Lambeau, inexperience by Manning, poor run defense (see Dallas), Manning's inability to throw the ball deep or with much behind it (see 20 mph winds)
Opportunities - Bad weather could potentially level the playing field, special teams could play a huge roll (see Pack vs. Bears), TO's, Pack could view them as the same team from Week 2. Feagles...
Threats - Never played CB's like Woodson or Harris (Toomer and Plexico aren't going to be as effective in -10 degrees), most of the team will be in awe of the Stadium / Fans and Favre, playing in hostile Packer country, O-line will be facing a 7 man defensive front rotation, we're the youngest team in the NFL, energy, energy, energy (G-FORCE!!!).

Strengths - 4 and 5 WR sets, running game with Grant, BRETT home....temp below 34, Kicker led league in points, stingy defense builds after Seahawks beat down.
Weaknesses - Potential SP teams blunders (see bears game), cold weather may slow down WR's, penalties on Woodson/Harris, over confidence, inexperience, stopping a powerful run attack
Opportunities - pressure Manning, forcing TO's, field position game, attack with Grant early and often, 3 step drops to get rid of ball and neutralize NY's front four
Threats - interceptions and/or fumbles, execution of plays in the cold, relying to much on pass, getting behind in 2nd half, special teams (Feagles)

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