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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Last Word on Giants/Packers game

The phrase 4th & 26 stung to a lot of Packer fans even years after the Philly game. Where does this game fall??? The loss on Sunday stings. It was a crushing defeat for a team destine to go to the Super Bowl in what would have been a rematch from Super Bowl XXXI.

So what happened??? Well you could say Favre showed his age. You could say it was the cold, the play calling, the ineffective running game, the time of possession, the week of practice indoors, inability to convert on 3rd down (1-10). Anyone of those reasons could have been a contributing factor. The bottom line is the Packers didn't have it. The got out-played, out-coached, and shouldn't have even been in Overtime the way they played. The sure fact that the score was tied up 20-20 at the end of regulation, goes to show you the Packers WERE the better team. In the NFL anything can happen. It's a game of inches, momentum, and streaks. Destiny smacked the Packers right in the face, and so it was Giants vs. Patriots, Super Bowl XLII.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on a great year. Nothing to hang your heads about. The Packers have the youngest team in the NFL, and are returning just about everyone minus probably Corey Williams on D. 2008-2009 season is one to be optimistic about. Weather Favre returns or not, Ted Thompson has built this team for the long haul. The Packers will be a force in the NFL for several years to come, and I'm proud to be a loyal GREEN BAY PACKER fan and member of G-Force!!!

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