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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dominic Foscato picks his Top Plays from Favre

Top Plays:

1. Game winner to Kitrick Taylor against the Bengals in 1992.
2. Long touchdown pass to Sterling Sharpe on a beautiful play action fake at Chicago in 1992.
3. Long touchdown run in the Halloween monsoon at Chicago on Monday Night Football in 1993.
4. Game winner to Sterling Sharpe at Detroit in the 1993 playoffs.
5. Game winning scramble against the Falcons at County Stadium in 1994.
6. Bomb to Robert Brooks for 99 yards at Chicago on Monday Night Football in 1995.
7. Bullet touchdown pass between three defenders to Mark Ingram against the Bengals in 1995.
8. Falling down and then completing a pass in the shocking victory at San Francisco in the 1995 playoffs.
9. Underhanded flip to Antonio Freeman at Seattle in 1996.
10. Scrambling TD pass to Dorsey Levens at St. Louis in 1996.
11. The stiff-arm of Michael Dean Perry and touchdown pass against the Broncos in 1996.
12. The pitch to Dorsey Levens while getting sacked by Kevin Greene against the Panthers in the 1996 playoffs.
13. Bombs to Andre Rison and Antonio Freeman in the 1996 Super Bowl.
14. Amazing touchdown pass to Mark Chmura at New England on Monday Night Football in 1997.
15. Game winner to Corey Bradford on 4th down against the Vikings in 1999.
16. Game winner to Antonio Freeman against the Buccaneers in 1999.
17. Game winning run at Jacksonville (capping a big comeback) on Monday Night Football in 2001.
18. Improbable heave to Antonio Freeman against the Vikings in OT on Monday Night Football in 2001.
19. Every throw at Oakland on Monday Night Football the day after his Dad died in 2003, but I'll add the first one to Wesley Walls for its beauty.
20. Touchdown pass to Javon Walker after getting a concussion against the Giants in 2004.
21. Big passes to Donald Driver (for a TD on 4th down) and Javon Walker to set up the Christmas victory at Minnesota in the "NFC North Title Game" in 2004.
22. 400th career TD pass to Greg Jennings at Detroit in 2006.
23. First Lambeau Leap against the Cardinals in 2006.
24. Game winner to Greg Jennings against the Chargers in 2007.
25. Record breaker to Greg Jennings at Minnesota in 2007.
26. Game winning bomb to Greg Jennings at Denver in OT on Monday Night Football in 2007.
27. Game winner to Greg Jennings at Kansas City in 2007.
28. Shovel pass to Donald Lee against the Seahawks in the 2007 playoffs.


Mike said...

You could probably put the entire game worth of plays against the Chicago Bears in the new "Soldier Field".

Mike said...

And how can you forget the ENTIRE GAME of plays that Favre put on display at the first meeting of the historic rivalry at the "New Soldier Field" where several records still stand.