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Friday, May 30, 2008

Packers Mount Rushmore!?!?!?!

An interesting questions comes to mind regarding the Green Bay Packers. Who would you put on a Mount Rushmore for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are one of most storied franchises in all of football. From generation to generation the Green Bay Packers have produced legends in the sport of football. They have 26 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Super Bowl trophy is named after our beloved coach, The Lombardi Trophy. One of the original teams of the NFL founded in 1919, winners of 12 Championships,

So who would you put on the Packers Mount Rushmore??? Only being able to chose 4 people was a challenge in itself, but here's my thoughts:

1. Vince Lombardi - The SB Trophy, Historical Coach winning 5 World Titles
2. Bart Starr - Before Favre came along, Starr was the greatest QB in GB history and the face of the franchise
3. Brett Favre - He's Brett Freaking Favre, do I need to say more
4. Don Hutson - Called the Greatest All-Around player in NFL History

Now I left out several names, and when it came to the #4 person I was torn. I felt the need to put Curly Lambeau on there considering he founded the Packers and without Curly there is no Green Bay Packers. My heart told me I needed to put Starr & Favre as locks. Lombardi of course needed to go up, and Don Hutson is a forgotten soul who is considered the Greatest NFL Player in history. It absolutely killed me to have to leave out the founder Curly Lambeau's name on this glorious monument. If it were 5 faces, he would be on there in a heart beat.

Reggie White, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, Bob Harlan are all names that could have gone in that #4 slot. The real need here is for a #5 position on Mount Rushmore. Then Curly Lambeau could go right next to Lombardi and have a good representation of 3 players and 2 Front Office/Coaches.

As you can see this debate could go on and on. Each person having their own 4 people to put a top the Packers Mount Rushmore.....your thoughts???

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