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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA Lottery = Bucks #8, Division Rival Bulls Take Top Spot

Last night the NBA held its annual NBA Draft Lottery. The 14 teams to not make the playoffs compete to see who gets the top pick. The worse the teams record is, the more ping pong balls go into the wheel. The teams are then picked at random and the chips falls where they may.

This year, the Milwaukee Bucks had a 4.3% chance of securing the No. 1 spot. They fell one position and will pick eighth in the draft. Last year, the Bucks dropped three positions and drafted sixth.

"I guess we're disappointed to a certain extent but it could be worse," said general manager John Hammond, who represented the Bucks on the stage during the televised portion of the program. "Slipping one slot, you know . . . we'd have loved to have had seven but we feel OK about having eight, that's for sure.

Central Division rival, Chicago Bulls won the overall #1 pick with only a 1.7% chance of getting the top pick. The big dilemma now is who will be the top pick. Many people feel Kansas State PF Michael Beasley will be the pick, while others feel Memphis PG Derick Rose could be the pick.

Many mock drafts show the Bucks taking Indiana SG Eric Gordon. Badger fans are pretty familiar with him, who had a sensational Freshman season, but cooled off down the stretch. All that is known is the Bucks do not need another PF or C, already having last year's pick Yi, Charlie-V, and Bogut solidified in that position. Look for the Bucks to go after the Guard position after getting spotty at best play out of Mo Williams and Michael Redd last year.

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