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Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back!!!!.......Quick recap on 2008-early 2009

So it has been what seems like ages since my last post. In fact, looking over the site that I use to manage almost daily, I found my daily poll to be "What should the Brewers do with Gagne". WOW, now that's old!!! Think I have to update that soon.

So a lot has happened in WI since my last post about the Bucks 2008 Draft picks being introduced. Lets do a quick (Really Quick) snap shot of what has happened in WI sports over the last year:

1. Brett Favre traded to New York Jets
Now thankfully I did not follow on my blog the constant media update on Favre. News reports in WI showing his plane landing in GB, and following his car to his home in GB. Only to see the GB legend get traded to NY. Now it was a lose-lose for TT & the Packers. Favre lost a lot of fans throughout this saga, but once again Favre has retired.......or so we think. Stayed tuned, if you care anymore (i really don't) to see if Brett throws on the Purple & Gold and tries to stick it to TT & all the naysayers one last time.

2. Milwaukee Brewers, with help from CC, make the Playoffs
Ok, now this is one story I regret not blogging about. The city of Milwaukee had a real buzz for the first time in a long time about their own Milwaukee Brewers. CC dominated and single-handily carried the Brew Crew to a Wild Card berth and their first playoff appearance in 25 years. Stay tuned to see "What's Brewing" for the Brew Crew this year as I attempt to keep up with our very own Milwaukee Brewers.

3. Ned Yost gets fired with about 15 games left in the season
An unprecedented move in MLB, as Ned Yost was fired with only weeks left in the 2008 season. Replaced by Dale Svuem, who is currently the Brewers Hitting Coach, after losing out on the skipper job for 2009 to former A's Manager Ken Macha.

4. UW Football sucked
Enough said, I'm hoping for a big turn around in 2009, and can't wait to see Curt Phillips play at QB. He's truly the first QB in as long as I can remember, to actually bring some playmaking ability and buzz to the QB position.

5. Buzz Williams leads Marquette to NCAA Tourney berth in his first season at the helm and a strong season in the Big East
MU was very exciting to watch in 2008-2009 as the trio of James, Matthews, and McNeal gave it one last run at an NCAA Championship. Milwaukee was full of excitement and MU hoovered in the top 10 for many weeks. But their brutal stretch to close the season demoralized this team along with the loss of James with a fractured foot. James would amazingly come back for a game in the NCAA tourney but was really a non-factor. I'm going to miss watching those 3 play together.

Feel free to add a comment if any other stories from 2008-2009 really brought some excitement to WI. I'm sure there are many more I missed. So lets hear what you think!!!

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