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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Packers finish Day 1 in 2008 NFL Draft with Solid Picks

We'll breakdown the Packers 3 picks in just a minute. Packers GM did not surprise anyone by trading the 30th pick in Round 1 to the Jets for a 2nd & 4th Round pick. Jets selected one of my favorite picks and one I thought the Packers should have taken, in Purdue TE Dustin Keller. The Packers basically moved down 6 spots and picked up a 4th Round selection so overall a good move.

With the 36th pick in the 2nd Round, Green Bay selected "sleeper" WR Jordy Nelson from Kansas State. Packers then selected QB Brian Brohm from Louisville with the 56th pick from the Corey Williams trade with Cleveland. The Packers finished out the day selecting CB Patrick Lee from Auburn.

A solid day for the Packers. Expect more trades today as the NFL draft continues Rounds 3-7 at 9am. The Packers have 6 picks remaining, with 3 in the 4th Round. Expect Green Bay to pick up a RB, OL, and another DB with their remaining picks. We'll breakdown each of the Packers 3 picks shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Solid picks.

Blog & Forum comments, as usual, are critical of Ted Thompson. But this is the guy who (along with staff) has vastly improved this team on offense, defense and special teams. The Pack has gone from 4 and 12 to one play away from the Superbowl in two years. That has rarely been done anywhere, if at all. In NFL terms, two years is "instant." Some teams haven't turned-around . . . ever!

Thompson selections at times appear to be illogical. But he is consistently correct and thinking two or three steps ahead of all of us experts. Selecting a wide receiver ahead of some other more obvious needs, more than likely will create some interesting competition. But more importantly, an experienced receiver has much better trade value than a draft pick. Don't be surprised if one of the existing receivers is traded later, to fill the more obvious need.

Same thing at quarterback. I like Rogers and he should be "good to go." But he does seem to find an injury whenever he plays. This draft pick (Brohm) could be the usual 3rd string development project, or perhaps be a 2nd string, because of his West Coast offense experience. It's all about options.

Think of all the 2nd & 3rd string quarterbacks behind Favre, who ultimately went elsewhere with success. Green bay has always drafted QB's for development. You never know where the next "good to great" QB is going to come from. I'm going to guess the majority of very successful QB's in the NFL were not first rounders (Starr, Farve, etc).

The picks I'm seeing Thompson make in this 2008 draft are goods ones. It's just that "we" don't know it yet. As usual.