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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sal Paolantonio......YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN WI

ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio has received a record number of e-mails in response to his controversial column about retired quarterback Brett Favre, with the majority coming from angry Packers fans.

In response to a column by Press-Gazette sports editor Mike Vandermause that appeared online and in print today, Paolantonio sent this letter to the editor via e-mail: "Thank you for Mike Vandermause's smackdown of my column on Brett Favre. But I take issue with one major point: I was not trying to criticize Brett Favre, only offer some healthy perspective, provide an alternative take. Favre, as I pointed out, is a bonafide first ballot Hall of Famer. But I just wanted to hit the pause button on the over-the-top deification of No. 4.

In my view, he is not even the greatest Packers quarterback of all time. That would be Bart Starr. Bart Starr has always been treated like Ringo Starr -- underappreciated and, these days, overlooked. I was trying to provide some historical context that my brethren in the media often ignores. By the way, I do use a hairblower, but I never bring it to the press box with me."

For the record, Sal Pal included Favre as one of the most overrated players in NFL history, coming out with this story only days after he retired. While the media from around the country was honoring Favre's achievements and giving praise to his storied career, Sal Pal was bashing Favre in the media spotlight.

I truely hope Sal gets a Packer game assignment so the people of Wisconsin can give him a warm welcome. As for Sal's email, it is not published, or believe me I would post it. If I do find it, I will post it and hope all readers would email Sal to at the least express their disgust for his disrespect to a legend.

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