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Friday, March 7, 2008

Favre's Press Conference Answers All Questions

Brett Favre held his retirement news conference yesterday. He teared up and was very emotional. If you watched it, man or woman, I don't know how you could not feel the same and water up yourself.

Favre answered a lot of questions we had, and put to rest a lot of issues that were floating around since the news came out. First and foremost, the Packers did everything they could and showed a lot of interest in having Brett back in 2008. A lot of reports were surfacing saying Packers GM Ted Thompson did not want him and drove him out of town. Let the record show, "From the heart", there was nothing Green Bay could have done to keep him. That also includes the Randy Moss issue.

Favre is tired. He's put in his all and giving this organization and the fans everything he's got. "Football is not just the 3 hours on Sunday." The work that needs to be put in from week to week was mentally and physically draining.

He also laid the rest any questions about him going to another team. Brett will always be a Green Bay Packer period. Moving on. He will NEVER be on this list of players who decided not to hang it up, but should have:

New York Mets' Willie Mays
Los Angeles Rams' Joe Namath
Boston Braves' Babe Ruth
San Diego Chargers' Johnny Unitas
Seattle Seahawks' Jerry Rice
Toronto Raptors' Hakeem Olajawon
Montreal Expos' Pete Rose
Seattle Seahawks' Franco Harris
Charlotte Hornets' Robert Parrish
Arizona Cardinals' Emmitt Smith
Orlando Magic's Patrick Ewing
San Francisco 49ers' O.J. Simpson
Los Angeles Lakers' Karl Malone

Best of luck to Favre in retirement. He has given everything and then some to the fans and to the Green Bay Packers. I am grateful to have been able to watch him from 1992 to now. There never will be another like him and his legend lives on. We'll see you later Brett.

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