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Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Regular Season is over and the Packers have made the Playoffs as a Wildcard. They've been playing great football of late and have been playing as a TEAM. As the Packers prepare for their Playoff game on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, we take a look back on a few games and also talk a little bit about where the Pack is today on both sides of the ball.........enjoy!

So looking back, Pack should be the #2 seat. Think about (3) specific games that the Packers SHOULD have won period.

Game# 1: Bengals……….Bengals ended up being a hell of a team. If we had the mind set that they weren’t the Bengals of old, we might have stepped up our game enough that we wouldn’t have lost.

Game#2 Bucs………..Although this game ended up being a wake up call to the Pack, no way should they have lost it especially after being up and letting a rookie QB come back and kick our butts. Should have won, but good for the team to lose that one.

Game#3 Steelers………Sure GB gave up 500+ yards passing to Rothisbur……….whatever, Nice Pick Cower!!!! The Pack were winning that game as ugly as it was for our Defense. We then go into classic late 4th quarter prevent and give up an amazingly perfect pass on seriously GREAT coverage by Bell (he’s a bum anyway). I mean C Wood couldn’t have protected it better, it was just a GREAT pass and an amazing catch by the WR to win it. Should have won game 3 out of the 3 games on my list.

So with that said, the Packers could have won the division and had a 1st round bye. Not complaining, just stated facts. The facts are as successful as an 11-5 season is, we seriously could be 12-4 or 13-3 easily if it wasn’t for a few freak plays. Just goes to show you that on any given Sunday.

I think going into the playoffs right now, on the AFC side, the Colts and Chargers are the scariest teams who are playing well. Colts have a lot of injuries but are getting it done. Just a solid team all around. Packers brass should pay close attention. The Chargers are by far, hands down, the hottest and scariest team in the NFL right now. Their D is clicking at the right time and playmakers are stepping up. On Offense, Rivers is having an MVP year and is doing it quietly!!!! Lots of weapons, scary team.

On the NFC side, again two teams are scary and are playing amazing football. One is Philly. They have very dangerous weapons on Offense in Brent Celek, TE, Desean Jackson, WR (probably one of the most explosive players in the league right now), and don’t forget about Vick, McNabb (playing solid ball), & Christ………Brian Westbrook (concussions or not, it’s freakin Brian Westbrook).

The other team is our very own Green Bay Packers. Now I’m not just saying the Packers because I live and breathe Green & Gold, they seriously are on scary team clicking at the right time. Their Offense looks like it did in preseason when we all thought nobody could stop us. Finley is lights out period……..enough said!!! Jennings is clicking now after a slow start, Grant is rushing the ball extremely well (as he always does late in the year when you need it the most), Driver is our go-to-guy on any down and still playing at a VERY high level. The O-Line is finally clicking and playing well. I attribute that to the arrival of Mark Tauscher. Before he was signed and then got a game or two under his belt, we were on the way to A-Rog becoming the next David Carr. A solid QB with a ton of talent who got his lights knocked out more than any QB in history. Thank god we got it together. Now that’s just on the offensive side of the ball. That doesn’t include Brandon Jackson’s pass blocking or 3rd down success, Hall/Khun/Quinn Johnson’s exceptional blocking play, Lee’s ability to block, and Nelson finally coming alive on ST.

That was just O. The Packers Defense is tops in the league!!!!! #1 against the Rush!!!! A +23 (or something like that) turnover ratio (SICK!!!!!!!), the play of our LB’s, specifically the rookies Matthews & Brad Jones who seriously both could/should be in the Pro Bowl (well Matthews for sure, Jones needs some playing time but has made all of Packer Nation forget Kampman). Hell even Hawk has been more successful than previous year’s. Barnett has come back from injury to have another GREAT year worthy of Pro Bowl. Jolly, Jenkins, and late in the season Raji have been HOUSES!!!!!!!!! Great underrated players!!!! And our Secondary needs no explanation!!! C Wood, Defensive Player of Year (HANDS DOWN!!!) and Collins another Pro Bowl year with 6 INT’s………

Need Crosby to step up his game!!! Need ST, return game to wake up………… it did a bit on Sunday. ST, can be the difference in the game. Especially with field position. Packers only glaring weakness is SPECIAL TEAMS!!!! STEP IT UP BOYZ

Packers are hot!!! Playing well as a TEAM. We’re a dangerous team who needs to play smart, get TO’s, and play penalty free (or as close to it as possible).

BRING ON THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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