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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lies, Tales, & Exaggerations.........The World According to Brett Favre

Found this interesting article on about a timeline of lies from former Jets QB, Brett Favre. This is just too good not to pass on:

March 2, 2001, after signing a contract that made him the NFL's first $100 million player: "I do want to be a Packer for life ... I couldn't envision myself playing with another team ... If that was to ever come up, I would probably just retire."

November 7, 2003: "I don't know if it's going to be this year, next year. I mean, I still think there's a lot left out there for us and a lot left out there for me."

March 31, 2006, Biloxi Sun-Herald: "If I do play this year, it will be my last. There's no doubt about that."

May 6, 2006: "I know I said that. But I hope you guys will respect me. I'm going to play this year, give it my best and not talk about it."

September 6, 2006, in response to a question by Bob Costas, he says he's "99.9 percent" sure he'll retire as a Green Bay Packer.

December 31, 2006, interviewed by NBC's Andrea Kremer after Green Bay's 26-7 win over the Bears at Soldier Field: "If today is my last game, I want to remember it. It's tough ... tough. I'll miss these guys, and I'll miss the game ..."

February 3, 2007, quoted by Packers GM Ted Thompson in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "I think I'll go one more time."

May 14, 2007: "... I don't want to be traded. I want to finish my career as a Packer."

January 10, 2008, in the Biloxi Sun-Herald, three days before a playoff game against Seattle: "For the first time in three years, I haven't thought this could be my last game. I would like to continue longer."

January 21, 2008: "I'm not going to rush to make a big decision, but it will probably be quicker than it's been in the past."

March 6, 2008: "It's been a great career for me, but it's over ... I don't think I've got anything left to give."

April 3, 2008, asked about Favre coming back, his agent, Bus Cook, tells the Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer: "That's news to me. I don't think that has anything to do with anything. He's retired, period, point blank."

April 10, 2008, Biloxi Sun-Herald: "I very well could be enticed."

April 25, 2008, before a luncheon honoring his image on the cover of Madden '09: "First of all, I'm not going to keep myself in shape ... There were always second thoughts ... It wasn't ever a clear-cut decision."

July 14, 2008, interviewed by Fox's Greta Van Susteren, Favre says he was "never fully committed" to retiring: "If I play, it's going to be 100 percent commitment."

August 8, 2008: "I'm here for one reason ... I'm here to help the Jets win."

February 12, 2009: "It's been a wonderful career, I couldn't ask for anything more. It was worth a shot for me to go to New York. I wish I could've played better down the stretch. I didn't.

"It's time to leave."

June 15, 2009, asked by Joe Buck about the Vikings (after his wife had made a deposit on a condo in Minnesota): "It makes a lot of sense because the pieces are in place."

July 29, 2009: "I didn't feel like physically I could play at a level that was acceptable. I would like to thank everyone, including the Packers, Jets and Vikings, but, most importantly, the fans."

August 18, 2009, asked about wearing a Vikings helmet: "It was different. I'm not going to lie to you."

And we end on that one. The man quoted as saying, "I'm not going to lie to you.".


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