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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prince of Power - Fielder Blast 2 HRs to give him 50

Fielder became the youngest player in major league history to reach 50 home runs Tuesday night, socking two out of the park to propel the Brewers to a 9-1 victory over St. Louis at Miller Park.

The Brewers' second consecutive romp over the Cardinals made their seemingly impossible task of catching the first-place Chicago Cubs in the National League Central a bit more possible.

Thanks to Chicago's 4-2 loss in Florida, the gap was narrowed to two games, with five to play for both teams.

"Just keep playing, control what you can control," said manager Ned Yost, who has tried to keep his players focused on a day-by-day approach.

No one is having much luck controlling Fielder these days. With a two-run homer off Braden Looper in the first inning and another two-run shot in the seventh off Kip Wells, the big first baseman reached 50 in a season at 23 years 139 days of age.

The great Willie Mays had been the youngest to hit 50 at 24 years 137 days in 1955.
"Actually, Billy (Hall) told me," Fielder said. "That's an awesome feat. Now my kids can know that one time their dad was pretty good."

Speaking of dads, Fielder normally shies away from talk about the well-documented estrangement with his father, former big-league slugger Cecil Fielder. But he made it clear that one of his primary goals is to escape from the shadow of his father for good.

Fielder said he had no intention of keeping the 50th home run ball, but was hoping for No. 52.
"My dad had 51 (as a season high)," Fielder said. "Then, he can't say anything."

Fielder was not happy about comments his father made in a magazine article earlier in the year, claiming his son never would have been a first-round draft pick if he hadn't paved the way. The two haven't spoken for years and that rift apparently has widened.

That subject resurfaced when Fielder was asked about the "MVP!" chants at Miller Park and if he thought much about winning that award.

"It would be a cool award to get but that's not something I think about," he said, "besides the fact my dad never did it. If I do get it, that shuts him up again."

Fielder said he was "serious" about trumping his father, adding, "A lot of people said that's the only reason I got drafted. That's what drives me. People said I was too big and all this, and the only reason I got drafted was because of the name.

"That's why I'm so passionate about playing. I don't mind people comparing me to him but I'm a completely different player. One day I want people to mention my name and not have to mention his."

As for the recent comments from his father, Fielder said, "You've got to look at who's saying it. Let's be honest. He's not really the brightest guy."

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